Why Feather

飞渡教育是一家专注英美留学的高端教育服务机构,从广州,武汉开始了一条富有教育理想的创业之路, 目前规模已经覆盖全国多个城市, 渐形成了以广州、深圳为中心, 辐射武汉、宁波、昆明等全国主要城市网络。为了更好服务飞渡学员,2015年,飞渡在美国波士顿成立分部。开业至今,飞渡累计服务学员5000人以上,涵盖TOEFL,IELTS,SAT,ACT,SSAT,AP等国外考试,培育出SAT满分2人,托福满分3人,高分无数。

Feather Education is a cutting-edge educational services provider that incorporates education consulting, overseasstudy counselling and examination-directed training.We boast a founding team consisting of a batch of elite faculty members, profound in education ideals and rich in teaching experience. We initiate the first SAT training program in south China and take the lead in launching a one-stop education planning service tailored for American undergraduate program study.
Guangzhou based, Feather Education, focusing on the Pearl River Delta region and adhering to the concept "Education Management", has been committed to providing the local families with a holistic solution to quality education. In an attempt to solve the core contradiction between quantity- oriented and quality-oriented education, we introduce a quota system, limiting customer numbers and pursuing excellent services. With pioneering multiple specialized programs and the top quality service, our elite examination training and VIP teaching walk in the vanguard of this industry and are highly recognized and received among students and parents.
One-stop overseas study and lifelong services are what we harbor. Here at Feather, we are both teachers and companions of our students. From application guidance, academic education and consulting to career planning, we do what we can to help; from commencement, blind date to wedding ceremony, we have never missed any moment that matters to our Feather boys and girls, sharing their happiness of life and witnessing their success in growth.